Tips To Ease Back and Sciatic Pain

Wear low-heeled shoes with a thick sole, and try to keep your feet parallel when standing or walking. This lessens strain on the sacroiliac joint.

When standing ensure your knees are not locked. If you are not sure, bend them just a tiny bit. 

When sitting at your desk always try and keep your pelvis higher than your knees – use cushions if necessary.

When watching TV either sit upright or lie on your side with a pillow between your legs.  Do not slouch on the couch with your feet up in front of you. Sitting on a birthing ball will keep you in the correct position.

Bedtime TIps

Sleeping in satin or silky pyjamas will make it easier and more comfortable to turn in bed if you have backache or sciatica (or when you are larger and more cumbersome in the later stages of pregnancy). Or you can make turning over easier by sleeping on satin (i.e. slippery) sheets. 

Many women find that the most comfortable way to get settled in bed is with one pillow beneath your head, one under your bump, and one between your legs.

However, to cut down on arranging and re-arranging pillows try the following tip. Get a single duvet, fold it over, and stitch the edges together length ways to form a long tubular pillow. With your new “pillow” you can get into position quickly and roll it over if you want to lie on the other side.


Mum's Tip

“I had back-ache through most of the pregnancy, particularly in my extreme lower back, and by week 36 I found that sitting or lying in any position was really uncomfortable. Eventually I found the most relief from sitting on a gym (birthing) ball. We took out one chair from the sitting room and moved the ball into its place. Then my sister gave me a small wedge-shaped pillow she had used. So at night I was able to get some rest by lying on my side resting my bump on this small pillow, and keeping an ordinary pillow between the bottom half of my legs.”