Our Mums & Dads talk Pregnancy

What the mums-to-be we surveyed enjoyed most about being pregnant


“Everyone talks to you.”


“Feeling the baby grow; first movements; hearing the heartbeat. Anticipating the new person. The care and interest of others.”


“Being together with my baby. Putting my hand on my tummy when bored with meetings etc at work.”


“Having cleavage again!”


“Knowing I was growing a new human being – how fantastic! High libido, and being warm all the time (I am normally cold).”


“I really felt blooming. My skin and hair was in great condition, and my hair was thicker and less oily than normal.”


“Feeling the baby kick and move, listening to the heartbeat and seeing the scan”


“The feeling of something actually growing inside you.”


“Sorting baby clothes; people helping me out and about…”


“My bump stayed nice and neat and I felt very womanly and attractive.”


“I loved the idea of being pregnant; the knowledge that your body is creating a new person, the protective feeling about this tiny life, the anticipation of the arrival.” 


“First time round, it took a while to get pregnant (10 mths) so by the time it happened, we were delighted (and relieved!).  Particularly during my first pregnancy I felt very special and sexy. I enjoyed buying new clothes and dressing my “bump”. 


“The anticipation and excitement”


“I enjoyed everything! The wonder and miracle of it all, my changing body, the kicks, the hiccups of the baby inside me………..”


“Having an excuse for a sticky-out belly!”


“The whole experience was fantastic! I felt privileged to be able to carry another person and give birth to her.”


“Knowing baby was growing well”


“I loved my changing shape, the special treatment I got and the feeling of the baby moving inside of me. I enjoyed looking after myself, not drinking or going out late and eating well.”


“The baby kicking was reassuring and seeing the baby on the scans was great fun.  My husband wanted to touch the bump all the time, which was very sweet.”


“I enjoyed the way I looked as I thought I looked the best I ever did, and when the baby moved inside of me that was an experience I will never forget.”


“Even though I was extremely sick all the time, I felt very privileged to be carrying our baby.”


“The excitement of having another child was what I enjoyed most about the pregnancy – particularly because this one was unplanned and a lovely surprise!”


What our mums-to-be enjoyed least about being pregnant


“Everyone talks to you – it gets wearing after 7 months!”


“The pregnancy police. Don’t let them annoy you. It is not ok for a complete stranger (or even your best friend) to tell you that you shouldn’t be having: that wine spritzer/slightly runny egg/medium cooked steak. ‘Go away, I am not a criminal!’ ”


“I did not feel very “sexual”/attractive. I felt sorry for my partner because of this too.”


“The absolute frustration of not having my normal energy levels.” 


“The jag lag type exhaustion. I would need to take a quick 10-minute nap in the loos at work about 3:00 in the afternoon. Seat down and leaning against the wall - not the most comfortable!”


“Immobility and changes in body shape - especially in the last few weeks; the aches and pains and the sleepless nights.”


“Other people referring to my pregnancy. I hated anyone touching the bump.”


“Going overdue by 2 weeks on both pregnancies.”


 “I had thrush all throughout my pregnancy, and sleeping was difficult towards the end.”


“The bit I enjoyed the least was the last few weeks when my ankles swelled. They were very bad on my first pregnancy, but it was winter so I could cover them up!”


“Putting on weight and feeling frumpy; feeling tired, and sick and mood swings.”


“Feeling heavy”


“Waking during the night; not being able to sleep on my tummy; the heartburn…”


“The length of the pregnancy – my baby was twelve days overdue.”


“What I enjoyed least were the bleeding gums, big leaky boobs, losing my waist, weight gain, sciatica, not being able to drink, or sleep in the later months, and having to let my career coast.  The prospect of childbirth was unappealing to say the least. The prospect of losing my identity, becoming “Mummy” was not something I relished either.  And the injustice that I would go through all of this while my husband would be largely unaffected was disturbing.”


“The things I enjoyed the least were: the discomfort, the sciatica, the itching, the awkwardness of dealing with a 2 and a 4 year old, the tearfulness…”


“The tiredness and heaviness of the last few weeks.”


“I felt very ungainly towards the end.  I also didn’t enjoy social occasions as much. I would start to get tired and want to be in bed before midnight.  Not being able to drink didn’t help.”


“Carrying the heaviness around all day and not being able to sleep on my back very well.


“Quitting smoking, not enjoying going out to pubs, mood swings.”


“The sickness, not being able to get comfortable, and the swollen feet and ankles, or kankles as I called them.”



What our dads-to-be enjoyed most about their partner’s pregnancy


Seeing her so well and calm”


“The countdown”


“Learning about it together.”


“No contraception! Seeing my wife blossom.”


“That I was involved in very part of it, from start to finish”.


“The transformation of my girl into a mother.”



“The closeness with my partner, and the sense of anticipation.”


“I enjoyed watching her bloom and grow during her pregnancy, also feeling the baby move inside her.”


“Feeling the movements and seeing the scan”


“I loved that first pregnancy. It was a very calm time in my life. I loved feeling the baby grow, seeing the bump grow bigger, feeling the baby’s kicks and resting and taking it easy with my partner.” 


“The outcome – the baby!”


Being proud of her, touching her tummy. I couldn’t keep my hands off the bump. Despite what she thinks she was glowing during her pregnancy and I found her very attractive. I loved the thought and excitement of how our lives were going to change. I couldn’t wait to meet our baby.


What our dads-to-be enjoyed least about their partner’s pregnancy


“The mood swings” 

“The mood swings”

“The mood swings” 

“The mood …”  (yes this was a common theme!)


“The hormones”


“My partner was tired, and at times she was moody.”


“Seeing her in pain during the birth.”


“When she started going into nesting mode.”


“Not being able to share a drink together.”


“Her sleepless nights, and pillows everywhere”.


“Seeing the physical effects of tiredness on my wife.  The first months are full of anticipation but the last weeks can seem like nervous waiting.


“She suffered very badly with sickness for the entire pregnancy. It made it a very long 9 months.”


“Watching her not being able to get comfortable or sleep and being sick all the time.”


“The hormones, the sickness, and worrying when she was getting bleeds.”


“She snored like a elephant for the last six months!”